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    Better still, you can link it with your Google account in two clicks. Then you will be able to use the Open command in Switchnode to re-open your tree on any device.

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    This protects your tree against inconsistencies arising from concurrent edits. Simultaneous multi-user collaboration is not yet implemented.

    Switchnode is a way to store and organise plain text notes online.

    With Switchnode you build a tree by creating nodes. Press Ctrl+Enter to create a new node. These are shown at the left-hand side of the screen.

    Each node represents a article which appears on the right-hand side. Click and type in the article space just as you would in any text editor.

    Your tree, its nodes and your articles are saved to the cloud while you work. You can access them from anywhere there's an internet connection. Your URL will contain a hash code starting with #. This is unique for your tree and means you do not need to log in. Keep it secret.

    Because your hash is like a password, it needs to be kept safe. If this is a personal computer, bookmark it (Ctrl+D). Better yet, link it to your Google account so that you can simply log in to Google to get a list of your trees. The option is in Tree menu -> Save.

    Switchnode is not a collaborative editor. Just one user can work on a tree at a time.

    Drop us a line using this form. We welcome feature requests, bug reports, ideas, complaints, comments, philosophical reflections, etc.

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    Welcome to Switchnode

    This is a new tree.

    To create your first article, click here.

    Switchnode is a way to store and organise notes in the cloud. It is built for speed, portability and convenience.

    Welcome to Switchnode

    To create a new article, click here.

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